At the end of Nørrebrogade, by the lake of Copenhagen you will find the cozy and lively Ravnsborgade, formerly known primarily for the Theater and the Antique stores.

But much has happened in Ravnsborgagde the last 5 years! From having only antique stores it has developed into a trendy mix of small designers shops, cafes and restaurents making it an attractive shopping destination.

The antique stores are still dominating the street and are full of interesting finds, to be explored and experienced in the exensive shops that often extend into the basements and backyards. You can find furniture from the last few centuries, Royal Danish Procelain, paintings, silverware and glass as well as more modern design and interior decorating.

As small gems hidden between the antique stores your will find trendy fashion store with everything from the highprice international brands to the scandinavian brands as well as custommade clothes and in addition you will find a hairdresser together with other specialised shops.

No shopping wihtout a place to sit down and rest, relax and get your stomac satisfied at the great and cozy resturarents and cafes in the street . Further down in Ryesgade you will find the local brewery along side jewelery shops. In the two small side streets of Ravnsborg Tværgade and Sankt Hans Gade you will find additonal shopping.

Welcome to Ravnsborggade!